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Employer Insurance

Employer insurance to keep your business running

Whether you own a small business or conglomerate, it’s a good idea to safeguard your business and employees. Your employees depend on you to provide a safe environment and you depend on your business for growth and continuance. We offer competitive health care and workers compensation insurance plans.

Employer Insurance

Compare employer insurance quotes

Our easy-to-use calculator helps you understand how much insurance coverage you need for your business. A few questions, compare, and choose!

A Few Questions

Answer a few questions regarding your business and employee needs so we can deliver options that better fit your budget.

Review the Quotes

Compare the insurance quotes we have prepared for you so you can make an informed decision regarding safe guarding your business.

Choose Your Coverage

Select the insurance that best covers employees healthcare needs, accident or worst case scenario. Don't let lawsuits befall your business.

Why do I Need Employer insurance?

With good healthcare, you’ll have less employee turnover, and workers compensation protects your business from lawsuits. 

Understand Employer Insurance

Affordable Insurance

Give your employees more choices. HMO, PPO and HSA plans gives employees more options for healthcare, dental and vision.

Types of Business/Commercial Insurance

Workers Compensation, malpractice, bonds, property, directors and officers, entertainment, computer services, shopping centers.

Hard to Place Coverage

For employees that have a high profile job or venture into unsafe environments, get them kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage.

Restaurant & Bar Insurance

Affordable liquor liability. Insurance for restaurants, bars, carry outs, caterers, mini-markets, pizza parlors, up to 20% to 30% savings.

get a special coverage insurance quote today

Food and beverage outlets can get special coverage to ensure the business runs smoothly. Get a quote on accounts receivables, brands, and labels, back-up of sewers, customer property on premises, lease hold interest, and EDP systems breakdown.

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