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Travel insurance when you need it across countries

For when you need to travel across country lines or fly over oceans, we work with the best-rated travel insurance companies in the United States. Our partners offer a wide range of coverage options so that when you travel, you feel secure.

Travel Insurance

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Do I need travel insurance?

When traveling in a foreign country, anything can happen, from death or injury to passport theft and baggage loss. Anything!

When to Buy?

Vacation Investments

Large vacation packages do not honor emergencies that might occur before departure. Your vacation investment is not refundable.

Health Insurance May Not Cover You

Most health insurance policies do not cover you or your family when you are in a foreign country, and if they do, it might be minimal.

Catastrophic Evacuations

In the event of a catastrophic event and an evacuation by helicopter is necessary, the enormous costs will be taken care of.

Unexpected Crisis

When the unexpected crisis happens, even for the seasoned traveler, having travelers insurance gives you peace of mind.

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