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Life Insurance

For when the unexpected happens, be prepared

Make sure your loved ones are covered or cared for when the unexpected happens. We offer the best and most competitive life warranty rates, guaranteed. Learn about term life insurance and whole life insurance. 

Life Insurance

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Get the necessary life warranty you need. Our easy-to-use calculator helps you determine how much insurance to buy.

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A life warranty is a delicate subject, but a necessity. Your answers will help us in advising you on the amount you should buy.

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Select the amount of life coverage that best covers loved ones. When it comes to the unexpected, we got you covered.

How much life insurance do I need?

A rule of thumb is to purchase 10x your annual salary and then add an additional $100,000. Always think ahead.

Many factors can affect the amount of insurance you need.

DIME Method

Add your Debt, Income, Mortgage and Education expenses. This total helps you determine your life insurance needs.

Replacement Costs

The #1 reason people purchase a life policy is to pay for burial and funeral costs and to replace lost wages.

Types of Life Insurance Policies

There are 3 types of life policies: whole, life and universal. The type of policy you need depends on circumstance.

Looking to the Future

Making sure your children are secure makes it even more important to purchase a policy to cover college tuition and the mortgage.

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Please provide as much information about your life, family, and assets. We will compile the information and contact you with the best insurance options. Do what you can now to keep your loved ones stress-free if the unexpected happens.

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